About AdsMyWay

AdsMyWay is an Ad Network, and a division of US based technology company BBGN&K LLC. We offer advertisers and publishers a platform for their traffic demands and supplies.

Our partners include global Ad Exchanges, SmartyAds and Smaato; providing us access to over 220+ countries and with more than 2 billion impressions served daily. Our partnership with RichPush give us global reach when serving Push Ads across many geo’s. Our clients enjoy unlimited Push Ad impressions at no cost.

oRTB compliant

We are oRTB compliant. Our in-house Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform allow us to connect with 3rd party Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Supply Side Platforms (SSP) in all geo to deliver the widest and most effective reach for our clients. With our marketing and digital specialists, clients enjoy targeted campaigns on our locally hosted Data Management Platform (DMP) and access to 3rd party Data Management Platforms (DMP) for customized digital campaigns, on a large network of SSP’s and DSP’s.

Our Marketing and Advertising Platforms

Clients can take advantage of our full marketing infrastructure to reach audiences with Display Ad, Push Ads, Email and SMS marketing. Creative services team provide ideas and support for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Enhanced Conversion Tools

You gain access to our patent pending “ImpulseAds” conversion tools to drive your ROI. Our ImpulseAds are custom tools based on “what if” conditions, to help negotiate with visitors to your site, using graphic Ads and AI. It focuses on user behavior while on your site, it helps to engage user based on specific behavior patterns and interests. Engage, communicate, negotiate and drive your conversion objective on AdsMyWay platform with ImpulseAds.


Our objective is to provide the most effective advertising platform that meets the client’s marketing objective.


Our mission is to bring small and medium businesses online and into digital advertising across Africa, with the intent to be a catalyst for business growth that will drive employment across the continent.