About Advertising on AMW

AMW allow all businesses large and small to advertise and compete for the audience through our bidding program. Local advertisers can use our targeting program to advertise on AM by choosing to target audience only in the states and cities they choose or nearest to their businesses. Advertisers may choose to reach specific audiences using Geo Targeting Social,Income,Interest Targeting.

Your Ad must meet specific guidelines described in the Ad Manager module, such as ad Sizes, ad type. Ads containing Clicks will direct users to targeted content provided by advertiser and will automatically direct audience to targeted content whether it is a Website, Coupon, Game or App.

Our flexible pricing and bidding process allow advertisers to determine size and type of Ads to place based on cost Ad clicks allow advertiser to big between $.10 and $5.00 per click. AMW allow the advertiser flexibility to better manage costs and budgets. The advertiser is able to create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual budgets. You will receive an automated notification when your ads have consumed 80% of your budget. You may also view the status of your campaign on AMW Dashboard.

Monitoring campaigns is easy. Log in to the AMW Dashboard to view complete account information and campaign activity. Account managers can view number of ads sent and received by targeted audiences. Account managers can modify ads on the fly based on impression and clicks, update your ads, update campaign budget target audience or schedule on the fly. Most campaign setting changes and updates will take effect immediately, with the exception of content changes to replacement ads, which require approval before publishing.

All changes and updates take immediate effect. (Except , when the replacement Ad requires approval before publishing). The Dashboard provides instant overview of your current campaign which may prompt you to change your advertisement campaign Ad.

You may suspend your campaign at any time by simply logging in to your account and deactivating a campaign. You can reactivate the campaign any time you choose to.

You may update or change your advertisement budget at anytime during the campaign. The system will adjust your budget whether daily, weekly, month, quarterly, or annually. All changes made will be effective immediately. All cost associated with Ads previously sent shall be billed at the rate for options chosen prior to change.

All ads submitted will be subject to approval, all approvals will occur between 24-48 hours. You will receive notification about the approval of your advertisement. Once approved, your advertisement will become effective as of the date set for campaign to begin.

All information regarding AMW are properties of BBGN&K LLC

We will automatically notify you when your ad has been approved and ready for campaign. You will also recieve notice if ads are disapproved. Our system will automatically notify you when you have consumed 80% of your advertisement budget so you may continue to enjoy the benefits of reaching more audience for your business. All notices will be sent to email registered on your account.