Advanced Retargeting Tips to Take ROI to the Next Level

A successful retargeting program needs a solid Ads campaign as well as high quality content, with value rich Ads to help drive audience to your product

Add a high call-to-action tag to your Ad campaign to help user make the buying decision you want


People and Cookie based Retargeting

People Based Retargeting

People based retargeting is a highly advance, more precise retargeting program which identifies specific users and interests. Because cookies are not available on mobile phones and devices, most times users that you have targeted on the web/desktop cannot be retargeted on mobile phones or tablets because mobile phones do not allow cookies, so these users may be getting the wrong Ads when they move from one platform to the other, for which they have no interest. This is a problem for cookie based retargeting programs, also because most people now install anti-cookie software on their desktop, cookie-based retargeting may not be as effective as it used to be, in 2019. AdsMyWay uses a combination of Cookie and People based re-targeting for a more effective Ad campaign that makes your Call to Action highly effective and successful.

Targeting your Audience Cross Platform

AdsMyWay's people based retargeting program allow you to deliver same message to same users across platform. These are users who are targeted by email and not cookies. Why is this a much better Ad targeting program? WE KNOW PRECISELY WHO IS SEEING YOUR AD AT ALL TIMES.

Cookie based targeting while it's still highly effective, has some weaknesses. When people are browsing on a desktop shared in a household or office, you really don't know who is seeing your Ad, you are simply serving ads based on the browser IP and may be serving ads intended for a parent to a child, or for a female to a male. Even to co-workers with no interest in the Ad. When the user leaves the desktop browser and transition on to a mobile or tablet. People based retargeting can serve the user the exact same Ad cross multiple platforms. Unlike cookie-based retargeting which no longer knows which Ad interest to serve to a user who gets off a desk top and transition to mobile or tablet.

Cookie Retargeting

When a person visits your website or one of our Publisher's page which displays one of our Ads, the browser drops a cookie. (FYI: A cookie is a piece of data that embeds itself in the browser of the user, enabling tracking of other websites the user visits.)

The cookie then implements the retargeting strategy by placing your ads on other sites that the user is visiting, enticing them to click through and return to your site. These ads are only targeted at users who haven't yet completed a call to action or made a purchase.


  1. Retarget readers of sponsored media

    Great press coverage and positive third-party reviews are one of the best ways to help your business grow. With AdsMyWay, you can easily promote sponsored media across our publisher's network. You can install a retargeting pixel that triggers when someone clicks on the content recommendation. You're not limited to retargeting people who visit your own site - you can even reach people who have read your great press coverage on any other medium or site! Contact us at: for our retargeting pixel tag

  2. Retarget by your Google paid and organic search results

    If a user visits your website through a google or any other search medium it shows interest in your product or service offering. We make sure the next ad or content they see on Facebook, Google Display Network, Instagram, twitter or any other web site is related to the search term they used.

  3. Register your web site with us to Retarget people who spend more time on your site

    We retarget users who spend the most time on your web site. 4 minutes is the target for a user to be a retargeted audience. So, we are capturing and creating a separate retargeting list for those who spend four minutes or more on your site during a single visit. On the other hand, don't bother retargeting people who spend less than 10 seconds on your site. They likely clicked by accident.

  4. Retarget visitors who have visited specific page on your site multiple times.

    AdsMyWay, creates special tags to target users who have visited a specific page on your site multiple times. Clearly, they are interested in what you have to offer. So, we capture people who have visited your site multiple times within 7 days for retargeting with content.

  5. Retarget visitors to your site or product who failed to complete the Call to Action

    If a user select product or made purchase decision but left before buying, their action and decision is symptomatic in nature and could be a related to many reasons such as pricing, method of payment decision and is probably emotional in nature. Create a special coupon or promotion specifically to target these identified users via retargeting, for a buying decision, create an urgency by putting a time limit or expiration of special offer (24-48 hours often works).

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