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Reach the right audience for your content with our social targeting tools. Connect with the audience by interests, age, marital status, household type Income and gender.

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Advertisers have to bid to get Ads on your site, our technology directs the highest paying ads to your page all the time.

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AdsMyWay pays 69% of what it collects per click from the advertiser to publishers. We see publishers as our natural partners, whose content put advertiser's message in front of the audience

Brand Protection, Ad Choice and Selection

When publishing your site or content, get to choose type of Ads that may appear on your site. Exclude Ads type from within same categories

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AdsMyWay does not believe in working with Websites, Mobile Sites or Mobile Apps which promote - Adult Content, Alcohol, Adware/Malware, Hate Speech, Illegal Downloads (Pirated content), Illegal Drugs, Offensive Language and Violence.

In addition, if your website/Applications are found dealing with Malware, Unusual rotations, Add-On Tags, 4th Party Files, Botnet proxies/blocks, Private IP Ranges and infecting the end user computers in any way, ADSMYWAY will consider it a violation.

In case of any such violation being detected ADSMYWAY reserves the right to blacklist such Websites and/or Applications. This may also lead to a ban being imposed on your company and ADSMYWAY may not work with you or your company again in the future.

The parameters of violations and ensuing decision will purely be based at the discretion of ADSMYWAY and there may not be an appeal process permitted.

We further prepare and share the list of violators with our other clients.